Create joke pictures and photo pranks

Have fun with your photos by adding fun photo effects and spoof photo frames online. Put your face on money, make photomontages with celebrities and create fun joke pictures. This April Fool’s Day you’ll have the best photo pranks!

Personalized photo pranks and jokes for April Fools’ Day

Are you searching for a glorious way to prank your friends on April Fools’? Use these fun photo effects and joke photo templates to make personalized spoof cards! Amuse yourself and your friends with a classic ‘Wanted’ poster, funny distorting mirrors, fun face in hole templates, celebrity photo montages and much more customizable joke pictures!

Put your face on another body and become Gollum, Mona Lisa, Na’vi from Avatar, Yoda or Zeus. Your friends will have a good laugh at your face in hole photo montage!

Think your friend is cute and funny like a bunny, hairy and clumsy like a gorilla or proud and majestic like a lion? Or may be you want to turn a couple of your friends into comical standing meerkats? One of our animal photo montages will help you make a perfect spoof card online!

You are welcome to use fun photo montage templates with your favorite celebrities: Schwarzenegger, Jackie Chan, Lionel Messi, Angelina Jolie or Justin Bieber. Play a little funny prank on your friend showing him his or her photo with a celebrity!

Want to print some fake money bills with your face on them? It's as easy as a few clicks of your mouse. Put your face photo in a dollar bill template or make a 500 euro banknote with your own portrait. It’s easy and fun to make hilarious joke pictures with!