Love photo frames, Valentine cards and more...

Lovely photo effects for those who are in love: double photo frames, printable love cards and romantic photo templates. Use these to make beautiful Valentine cards and cute ‘I love you’ e-cards.

Love Photo Frames and Greeting Cards for Valentine’s Day

Looking for a lovely photo frame to make a cute love card and congratulate your wife or husband, girlfriend or boyfriend on the February 14? Then this love photo editor is just what doctor ordered to create cute Valentines and romantic greeting cards for him and for her.

It’s really easy to make a romantic greeting card. Just see through all of her or his lovely photos or photos of you as a couple and choose the best ones. After that decide what kind of love frame you need: for one, two or even more photos (yes, we have great double photo frames and love photo collages for multiple photos). Upload your pics to our Valentine photo editor and add text caption to make your card even more personal!

If you are going to present a love card face-to-face as a part of a gift be sure to choose one of our printable effects. They were designed to produce pictures in high quality that suits all requirements of high-grade photo printing. These templates have an ‘HD’ icon in the upper right corner of the preview.

When making personalized love cards for your personal special dates don’t be limited by love photo frames only. Turn a photo into a vintage & retro image or artistic sketch. Or maybe you want to come up with a romantic birthday card for your sweetheart? With these templates you can definitely create one! For even more ideas see the collection of our birthday greeting cards. And if you are going to make a proposal, congratulate someone on their wedding anniversary or want to give a new look to your wedding photos, check our Wedding photo cards.

Unleash your creativity and create funny love cards for all occasions! It’s not hard to cupcake your loved ones all the time.