Soft Pink-Blue Light

Add soft pink and blue lighting to your photo

Illuminate your photos with soft blue and pink light. With this free color effect you can delicately add pastel tints to make your images look dreamy.

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How you can use this effect

  • A landscape photo with gentle color overlay applied.
  • Motorcycle photo in retro style with color filter applied.
  • Photo of pretty girl with pink & blue light effect applied.

Make your photos glow with dreamy tints! With our color overlays you can bring a classy edge to your images in a fresh and creative way.

Use this light effect to adorn your photos with soft pink and blue colors without Photoshop masks, blendings and other complicated techniques. Just upload your picture and in a couple of seconds you’ll get it back with soft lighting effect applied. All of our online effects are free to use, so enjoy!

And if you are into using classy filters and effects, be sure to check our pick of stylized photo effects. We also have a decent collection of ‘Color Effects’ and creative selection of ‘Lighting Effects’. With more than 600 templates onboard we are sure: there are definitely a few ones to please your taste.

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