Change or fix lighting in your photos

Light is what photography is all about! Adorn your images with the captivating tints of dusk and dawn, light them with colorful rainbow rays or turn day into night in a couple of clicks.

Online photo editor with free lighting effects

Give a new dazzling look to your pictures with our creative lighting effects. This free online photo editor has a number of photo effects that can enhance, change or fix lighting in your pictures. Some of them slightly change tints and hues as well because coloring depends heavily on lighting.

The ‘Romantic Landscape’ photo effect is one of them. This gentle effect can adjust lighting in your photos and add elegant pink and violet tints to it.

The ‘Evening Light’ and ‘Dawn Light’ effects imitate the lighting that many landscape photographers aim to catch. Golden hour (or magic hour) is a short period after sunrise or before sunset when daylight is redder and softer compared to midday when the Sun is high in the sky. If you don’t feel like getting up early for a photo shoot (and your evenings are also busy) you can use these artistic effects.

The ‘Mysterious Rays’ lighting effect can accentuate the subject of your photo in a couple of clicks. Give it a try!

Finally, the ‘Moon Night’ effect is also very interesting as with it you can turn day into night in any of your photos.