Photo color correction made fun and easy

Color often sets the mood of your photo. Keep that in mind and start your experiments in our color correction laboratory: emphasize red, green or blue objects in a picture or add a retro look with sepia-toned filters. Let the color tell the story!

Go with the color filters to get your photo look right

Very often a photo requires a bit of color correction to be called perfect. And not always you have a good photo color editor at hand to perform it with due thoroughness. Sometimes you just don’t have enough time for all those manipulations. That’s why we have created (and keep thinking on new) this collection of color filters and effects, for you to be able to quickly fix or give your photos a touch of color online.

In a fingersnap you can emphasize certain colors in your picture with the help of red, blue or green light filters. Blue color filter works especially great when you deal with portraits of people with blue eyes. As for red or green we would use it to highlight a bright object of the corresponding color in your photo - maybe a dress or some accessory.

We have also included High-Dynamic-Range (or simply HDR) filter in this list. So you can digitally fake this highly popular color effect in your pictures too.

The rest of filters are full of soft retro spirit. You can check the title of each first to find out what color mood it’s gonna add to your photo: Dreamy Retro, Caramel Haze, Bronze Sepia

Get your experiments started and you will definitely find your favourite color effect here! And if it’s not here, look for more in the tag devoted to all our photo filters and effects here.