Online frames, effects & makeovers for your Halloween night

Get ready for Halloween with this amazing collection of horror photo effects! Frighten your friends with a scary profile picture or give a mysterious and creepy look to your photos.

Are you ready for Halloween party? These online frames and effects come to make your photos scary.

Carved pumpkins, paper ghosts and fearful costumes - these are must-have things to get ready for Halloween night. It’s also a good idea to spook up your photos and make some creepy profile pictures. On this page we’ve gathered our best Halloween frames, horror photo effects and creepy makeup templates. And all of them are free to use. Boo! See, your grandma and friends are already scared :)

Virtual Halloween makeup is what can be used to add a horror to an ordinary portrait photo. Get scary and ugly selfie wearing our face makeovers: vampire, zombie, black-eyed demon or skull makeup. Add cuts and bruises to your face with the ‘Beaten Up’ effect. But if you need an absolute bomb, then your choice is Head Explosion or Alien Transformation effect.

If you are planning a Halloween party, you’ll definitely need some frightful party invitations. Here you can make cool invitations personalized with your own photos: take a look at a witching frame, a frame with ghosts and a tombstone and a funny pumpkin frame. Add your own text to a result with the ‘T+’ button or, if you want a fully-customizable text, use Same way you can make a Halloween ecard.

Even if you October 31st party was not that scary, we know how to add creepiness to your shots before you post them on Facebook or Instagram. Try out fire flames effect, mysterious blue glow filter or broken glass effect - they all are just right for Halloween party pics.

Play with this Halloween photo editor and you may find some awesome effects combinations. Turn on your fantasy and have witchy fun!