Double dose of cuteness with animal photo frames

They are fluffy little creatures, they are “just so cuuuuuute” and they can liven up any photo! Pick a lovely photo frame to surround your picture with puppies, kittens or bunnies. And don’t miss a chance to be turned into an animal.

Frame your photos with cute pets & funny animals or become an animal yourself!

Welcome to our virtual photo zoo! It’s home to photo frames, effects and templates with cats & kittens, dogs & puppies, tweety birds, fluffy bunnies and other cute animals.

A significant part of frames is with cartoon characters, like horses, bears, penguins, kittens, puppies and elephants. And though cartoon photo frames are usually considered as more suitable for kids photos, adults are not forbidden to use them too.

Cat photo frames are in demand and we have something to offer to cat lovers. From pet paws frame (with colors selection) to photorealistic montages.

Next goes animal shape photo collages. You can use up to 15 photos to create a silhouette of a cat, swan, butterfly or a funny pet paw.

And don't waste an amazing opportunity to turn yourself or your friend into a tiger, a gorilla, a cat or a koala with human-to-animal face montages! You will have loads of fun!