Nature photo frames and effects

Beauties of nature inspired us to create this collection of photo cards & effects for every season of the year. Frame your memories with leaves, flowers and gentle butterflies to make them unforgettable.

Make nature cards with spring backgrounds, summer effects, autumn frames and winter filters

Beauties of nature have always inspired artists and photographers. This theme is very close to our heart, too, that’s why we’ve created a collection of nature photo frames, effects and backgrounds. Use them to add a fresh and natural touch to their images.

Here you can put your photo into a cool beach frame or make it a part of a fascinating adventurous story. By the way, we have a lot of other sea frames, please find them on this page.

Always wanted to try a new look? Here you can become the Myrtle Tree Fairy or crown yourself with a wreath of spring flowers. Or maybe you have a friend whose birthday is coming up soon? Use his/her photo with the ‘Just Hatched’ face effect to make a nature birthday card.

Another option is to illuminate your images with warm sun rays or adorn them with the multicolor rainbow.

Flower backgrounds work perfectly with all kind of images if you want to add a delicate touch of nature to them. Adorn your photos with gentle bell- flowers and dreamy butterflies — all online, for free and literally in seconds.

Apart from backgrounds, we have green photo frames with trees and flowers as well. They are very cool, so give them a try!

And of course, there are romantic nature cards with hearts and cute rabbits. Making a Valentine card with these effects is good idea.