Sunglasses Reflection

Sunglasses picture frame for your summer photos

Back from the beach with a bunch of photos? Then apply our ‘Sunglasses Reflection’ frame. Send the images to your friends, as a warm reminder of this cool day.

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How you can use this effect

  • Summer photo of a loving couple with sunglasses picture frame applied
  • Vacation cover photo with sunglasses picture frame applied
  • Sunglasses photo frame added to make a beach photo card.

This ‘Sunglasses Reflection’ photo frame is a cool new way of displaying your best pictures. Everybody is bored of almost identical vacation photos, which are published in the thousands every summer.

Thus it’s a good way to turn your travel photos into unusual beach ecards for friends and family.

Alternatively you can apply this creative picture frame to make a vacation cover photo for your summer photo album filled with happy memories.

You can also get the idea of using other Travel and Vacation frames on Pay attention to the adventurous ‘Message in a Bottle’ photomontage or think about framing your photo with warm Greece sand.

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