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Funny picture frames, face montages & filters online for free. Make greeting e-cards & add custom text.

Hats & Caps Effects (9)

They say, you are what you wear. Try on a cute Santa Hat, a crown or a nifty Irish hat. We've got caps and hats for every occasion!

Human-to-Animal Montages (12)

What would you look like as a funny bunny, fluffy cat or lazy koala? Turn yourself into your favourite animal with this special animal collection of face in hole effects.

Borders (6)

Classic borders and basic frames from this group will bring out the best in your images. Add a great finishing touch to your photos!

Premium Sketches and Paintings (12)

Feel like an artist! Turn your photos into sketches and drawings easily and instantly! Various drawing materials are at your disposal: crayons, pastels, charcoal and more.

Magazine Covers (15)

Put your photo on a dream mag cover! Dreaming of being on the cover of a fashion or business magazine? Use photo effects of this group to feel what it's like to be famous!

Multi Photo Frames (8)

More than just a photo collage! Take your photo collection and transform it into a fancy 3D montage!

Lighting Effects (7)

Light is what photography is all about! Feel the magic of light: turn day into night, create sunset effect or illuminate your photo with floodlights.

Color Filters (14)

Color often sets the mood of your photo. Feel free to experiment with these color filters and let the color tell the story!

Money Templates (13)

Money makes the world go round! Put your photo on banknotes of different currencies and make personalized money. This fake money generator can place your face on a dollar, peso, euro, etc.

Zodiac Signs (12)

Even if you don’t take the whole astrology thing seriously, we bet you know what your birth sign is. Out of curiosity or because everyone keeps telling you what a typical Libra you are. Why not showing it with a personalized zodiac sign image?

Monster Effects (10)

Scariest monster face effects for Halloween season.

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Create photo effects and fun photo montages online in a couple of clicks!

Want to have some photo fun, create funny pictures and photo collages with your photos? Welcome to! Here you will find cool photo effects, photo collages, e-card templates and photo templates with face detection letting you change the face on a photo.

To create a photo collage or apply a fun effect to your photo, first choose a template and click its preview. Now all you have to do is upload your photo, or photos. Upload images from your hard drive, or via an internet url, or click a photo you uploaded earlier. You can also use our sample photos. You see how it’s easy, you are only two steps away from a cool photo effect!

If you like the result, save or share it – to your computer, on a social network or our free photo hosting, or into your account. If you want to experiment further, push the "Change photo" or "Change effect" buttons. You can also "Start again". Below your result picture you will see effects that other people recently used. Click a preview if you want to generate the same photo effect.

Apply fun photo effects to create e-cards

To the left of your result picture you will see some settings letting you to:

  • add custom text to the picture;
  • disable animation effect;
  • apply various photo filters;
  • remove Funny Photo logo.

Use these settings to finalize your funny pictures or make them look like Birthday, New Year or Valentine cards.

At you’ll also find lots of free photo frames of all kinds: with hearts or flowers, for kids and grown-ups, for special occasions like Christmas or wedding. Actually, all templates can be used to create an unusual and unique e-card.

We are always on the look for new template ideas

'You’ve got an idea of a super cool effect for Funny Photo? Please share it with us! Share your ideas using the "Share ideas of new templates here" link, or upload your template picture using the "Create and upload your template" link.'

Experiment and have fun with your photos with our cool photo effects!