Flower Dream

A collage of crocuses and bluebells in the photo background

If you have your head in the clouds most of the time, there should be a way to also show it in your photos. And ‘Flower Dreams’ background effect is probably the best (and the easiest) way available.

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How you can use this effect

  • Replace background on your portrait photo to create seasonal avatar.
  • Flower Dream photo background as example of Mother's Day ecard design
  • Free photo background with fantasy flowers applied to romantic photo

The worst situation with a photo is when you like yourself on it, still would give everything to get rid of that inartistic surrounding. If you want a quick solution check ‘Flower Dream’ background effect from This photo template will remove unwanted elements and replace the original background with a fantasy flower collage of crocuses and bluebells.

Background photo montages also look great as portrait frames, giving you a chance to make photo avatars depending on the season and your mood. ‘Flower Dream’ background fills any image with romance and Spring beauty.

Besides with background templates it's easy to become a self-made greeting card designer. Your mom will be pleased to get a card made out of her photo on a Mother's day.

Still wonder how to change photo background? Give ‘Flower Dream’ photo effect a try and check all the backgrounds on

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