Stunning scenes to replace your photo background

Changing the background of a photo can turn it into an absolutely different image at once. Fantasy, romantic, dreamlike, exotic, colorful - experiment with all the background effects from our collection to express your mood in a picture.

Simple way to change photo background online!

You may think that editing photo background is a task for expert users only. Let us prove you wrong, since all you need when working with Background effects on is a photo you want to replace background in. No complicated photo editors, no pre-processing manipulations - it all happens automatically. Here you can change photo background online in a couple of clicks.

You will find background scenes of any kind - light and festive variants of bokeh, seasonal fillings, fantasy collages of flowers and butterflies, cityscapes and others. Effects will work for portraits as well as group shots and landscapes - just choose the most appealing preview and change your photo background. Play with all of them to pick the most suitable.