Most sophisticated techniques for your photo sketches

Turn your photo into a masterpiece. Choose your favourite technique and we will imitate it: pen, pencil or charcoal sketch, color pencil or crayons drawing, watercolor or oil painting… There are many more in our collection!

What it takes to turn your photo into sketch, drawing or painting

Sketches from photos are quite popular, but do you know how many sorts and kinds of them exist? Different types of materials can be used to create a sketch. And the sort of paper also makes huge difference here. On you can convert photo into sketch with imitation of selected techniques: vintage charcoal, graphite and color pencils, ink pen and more.

Next goes rich collection of “photo into drawing” templates. As with sketches there are several kinds you will want to play with: trois couleurs, watercolor, pastel, sanguine, felt tip and more. It will be hard to decide which one you’ll love more!

If you are looking for a futuristic art effect, then try out the ‘Squares Abstract Art’ template. And if you want to impress your friends with a fabulous combination of art and real life, go for the ‘Pencil vs Reality’ effect inspired by Ben Heine drawings.

There are also photo templates that place your photo into an art gallery (for example, the State Tretyakov Gallery) or on a canvas with a golden frame.

Become an artist at once: paint your photo in oil, draw it in pastel or pencil.