Torn Color Pencil Sketch

Torn paper effect with color pencil sketch

This is still another 'drawing vs photography' effect inspired by Ben Heine art. It will convert your photo into a color pencil drawing on torn paper, leaving the central area of the photograph unchanged.

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How you can use this effect

  • Imitating torn paper effect has never been so easy
  • A new colored version of famous pencil vs camera effect.
  • Turn any photo into a catchy sketch on torn paper

Imitating the torn paper effect in a photo can become quite a task even for a professional designer. So we guess you are in search of an easier (not to say an extremely simple) way to do it. And here is the way to get it done online. By using a photo effect, that will place your picture behind a ripped sheet of paper in a click. And something tells us that it could hardly be simpler, right?

As with any other online photo effect all you need to do is to upload your photo and let the miracle happen. Not a rocket science at all.

But wait a minute, there is one more thing you should know about our torn paper effect. It tears not some blank sheet of paper but a drawing, repeating the image from the original photo in color pencil. Which actually gives everything a sense of depth and makes you see the picture in two dimensions: photo (or reality) and sketch. How do you like that?

This sketchy artistic trick is yet another variation of a well-known “pencil vs camera” effect by Ben Heine. So we hope that his fans will welcome the template with open arms and remember to check two previously implemented combinations of art and camera: Pencil vs Camera (aka Pencil vs Reality) and Photography in Drawing.

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