Turn part of your photo into a drawing or painting

Making this group of effects we were inspired by ‘Pencil vs Camera’ concept invented by Belgian artist Ben Heine. Sketch any image without a pen and a paper. Turn part of your photo into work of art and impress everybody with stunning photo manipulations.

Make your own collection of ‘Drawing vs Photography’ images

When it comes to imagination and reality we see these two worlds flowing in opposite directions from each other. But sometimes it’s so exciting to unite them together!

Inspired by the Ben Heine’s photo manipulations, we’ve created this unique series of artistic picture effects. Here you can turn your photos into art without any specific skills at all.

Blending the imaginative world of painting with the photography realism, you receive a completely new artwork - stunning, mysterious and unusual.

The pictures look even more intriguing thanks to realistic artist’s hands that are also added to the shots.

You can add an element of different drawing techniques and styles: it’s equally easy to convert part of a pic into a watercolor, pencil, ballpoint, pastel drawing. You can even make an unusual photo manipulation with a colored pencil sketch on a torn paper.

If you still need more creative effects which can turn your photos into digital artworks, be sure to check the ‘Art’ page.