Burning Sketch Effect

Burning sketch effect - burning picture in hand

Imitate Ben Heine’s ‘Burn’ artistic photo work online to raise important social topics or just for fun. Here you can turn any photo into a pencil drawing & set it on fire using our burning picture effect.

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How you can use this effect

  • Artistic sketch portrait of a football fan is set on fire
  • A steelmelter's portrait photo turned into a burning sketch
  • Burning sketch effect applied to a cool motorbike photo

Apply our ‘photo to burning sketch’ effect to create surrealistic images: raise important topics like environmental protection and species extinction (like Ben Heine originally meant for this style), tell about your feelings or use it in any other funny and creative way. With this photo effect you can easily make tough or even dramatic pictures and portraits that will certainly amaze your friends and subscribers. Be sure to add the #photolab hashtag to your masterpieces so that we and all fans of can find and admire them!

Сheck other photo to sketch manipulations, including the gorgeous ‘Photo vs Camera’ effect. There are many other artistic effects that are worth your attention: dreamy ‘Rainbow Sketch’ effect and cute ‘Watercolor Window’ photo frame are among them. Just browse yourself through our artistic effects, as there are so many effects that we cannot even mention all of them!

If you like fire effect (yes, some like it hot ;)), see the fire photo background and the burning photo frame. Enjoy!

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