Photo effects every man will fall for

What are true men's attributes? Powerful sport cars, shiny muscles and masterfully made weapon. Still, the most attractive quality in a man is a good sense of humor, which one can easily express with these photo frames and effects.

Sport, cars, strength and fame - express man’s nature with these cool photo effects.

Searching for good photo frames and effects for real men? Men, who are sportive, strong, easy-going, and with sense of humor? You came to a right page!

Here you can turn yourself into a ninja, a boxer, a gangster or a soldier. Follow your individual tastes, needs and preferences and choose a frame with a modern sportive car, a hero from your favorite movie, a weapon, fire and gun.

A girlfriend or wife can make an excellent present to her man by putting his photo on a fake magazine cover like Men's Health, Rolling Stone or inserting his photo into a football template.

If you are not that jealous girl or a man who like to prank his friends, put a photo of a man next to pretty sexy girls. He will surely see the true value of this custom photo collage.