Lipstick Kisses on Face

Cover his face in passionate kisses

An old tradition to exchange kissing cards on Valentine’s day has found it’s way in the digital world. With our “Lipstick Kisses on Face’ effect you can make a photo joke or a funny greeting card. Share it with friends or amuse your loved one!

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  • 'Lipstick kisses on face' effect applied to photo of funny little boy
  • Wedding card with couple in love; husband's face covered in kisses.
  • Photo joke: face of a young guy covered in red lipstick kisses.

Sometimes we adore our sweethearts and children so much that we are ready to kiss them endlessly. But makeup can stop us from doing this almost for sure: traces of red lipstick all over the face would definitely upset both adults and kids.

Nevertheless, you can’t go wrong if you make a funny Valentine ecard with photos of your men and this kissing photo effect. This face effect will cover a portrait of your friend or sweetheart with red lipstick kisses. So if your honey is far away and you're missing him, you can send this fun greeting card to let him know that your love is always with him!

It’s also a good idea to make a photo joke with your friends’ portraits. Make them laugh on this wonderful holiday! Be sure to use the text option to add congratulations and wishes to your card.

If you are a first-class joker, follow this link to browse through a decent collection of humorous templates. Here you’ll find a huge pick of love photo effects for the St. Valentine’s day and other romantic occasions. You can also check this selection of masculine photo effects to make an ecard based on the interests of your loved one.

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