Santa Face in Hole

Give a try to this cool “Santa Yourself” effect!

Ho-ho-ho! What if you could put your face on Santa’s body? Set your friends to laughter with this funny Xmas card. And don’t forget to surprise your children as every family needs a Kriss Kringle on Christmas!

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How you can use this effect

  • Santafy yourself like this man who put his face in a hole with a Santa's body.
  • Boy's photo is processed with 'make me Santa' photo editor.
  • Girl's photo in 'Santa face in hole' photo template with Xmas photo effects.

This ‘Make me Santa’ photo tool can be your little helper in Christmas time when you really need some fast & creative editing for your pictures.

Instantly create Christmas ecard to send your wishes to your friends and family with the help of this ‘Santa Face in hole’ photo effect. Just put your face on Santa and get an extra time for your needs instead of wasting it while boringly sitting at your computer or mobile device and editing a photo.

You can also make a perfect profile picture for Facebook, Twitter, etc. to get into a Christmas mood.

Are you ready for non-stop Christmas fun? Follow this link to find numerous Christmas & New Year photo effects. Here you can turn your photo into a sketch painting of yourself wearing Santa’s headwear. For girls there is also the festive ‘Santa Girlfriend’ effect.

And the last but not least, we especially recommend you to pay attention to this funny effect that adds red santa hat to a face portrait.

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