Hipster Glasses and Mustache

Achieve true hipster look here and now

A sure-fire way to make a funny greeting card or a zany photo joke is to add these hipster glasses and mustache to a photo of the hero of the occasion. No need to buy photo booth props, as you can put glasses on photo online.

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How you can use this effect

  • Hipster mustache are added to a photo of a loving father.
  • Glasses and mustache are added to a photo of laughing girls.
  • Hipster glasses are put on a face photo of a cute little child.

You can mustachify a photo for many occasions: from wedding to birthday or Father’s day. Anyway, you can’t go wrong if you do it to make a funny greeting card or a stylish photo joke. Amuse your friends and family with zany images of them wearing cartoon mustache in retro-style.

As a final touch you can put hipster glasses on their face photos as well. Be sure to add a humorous caption to your ecard with the help of the Text option. You can also put vintage glasses on your face photos to find out if you are an attractive nerd.

Do you need more cool and amusing effects? Follow this link to browse through a great number of funny templates including the one, which lets you cover somebody’s face with red lipstick kisses. Here you’ll find a lot of beautiful templates for wedding cards. If you need an ecard for your dad or grandpa, you can check this collection of online Father’s Day cards.

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