Egg-citing cards for your Easter greetings

For most of us Easter is about e-cards with cute bunnies, playing hide & seek. Though some still prefer traditional greeting cards - those that contain colored eggs and various vintage attributes. Whatever you wish for - we have it.

All for Easter: ecard templates and photo frames

How hard is it to come up with a virtual Happy Easter card that on the one hand will show your respect to this special day and on the other - won’t be overloaded with religious symbols? Not so hard with photo effects and frames you can find here.

The most popular kind of ecards for Easter are those with rabbits (or is it better to call them bunnies?), playing hide-and-seek, and chicks, and birds, and colorful eggs. So it’s no wonder at all that we have Easter bunny photo frames and effects with cute birds and chicks you can use to get a personalized greeting card out of any picture. Or you can create a funny Easter card by turning yourself or your friend into a real bunny!

However not everyone is so happy about this rabbit craziness. Many religious people (and it’s one of the most important holidays in Christianity, celebrating Jesus Christ’s resurrection from the dead) would most probably prefer traditional Easter cards. Yes, they still depict colored eggs, but additionally decorated with little angels, flowers and various vintage elements. Trust us to have those styles too - otherwise it won’t be fair, right?

Happy Easter to everyone and have a good egg hunt! ;)