Vintage Easter Card

Vintage Easter Card

Did you know that apart from being the most important festival in Christianity, Easter is also the fourth most popular holiday for sending cards? Which means that coming up with a good Easter card is an absolutely must do!

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  • Traditional personalized Easter e-card with a photo of a little boy
  • A beautiful Easter scene with a photo of a boy and girl in the centre
  • Imitation of retro Easter card created with photo effect online

Vintage Easter cards are always in trend. So don’t hesitate to use this photo template to create a beautiful personalized retro e-card and send your sincerest greetings on this special holiday online.

We combined basic traditional attributes of Spring Christian festival in this card: flowers as a symbol of rebirth and colored eggs and chicks acting as a symbol of new life. All this makes it a winning solution for any case. Especially when you are not certain if a person it’s meant for shares the excitement about Easter bunnies and egg hunt...

By the way, did you know that Easter is the fourth most popular holiday for sending greeting cards? It goes after Christmas, St. Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day. Now you know you absolutely must get your Easter cards ready beforehand, so go and check all Easter designs!

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