Just Hatched

Look who’s just hatched!

There is only one Anne Geddes and the chances are she won’t be there when you need your new baby announcement card. Unfortunately. But fortunately you have ‘Just Hatched’ new baby card template, inspired by her works, and can get a custom spread-the-word card in seconds.

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How you can use this effect

  • New baby announcement card made with Just Hatched face in hole effect
  • Baby boy's face is inserted in a scene with baby hatching from an egg
  • Add your baby to this unusual 1st birthday greeting or invitation card

Isn’t it the most beautiful moment of your life to see your new baby boy or girl for the first time? Sure it is. Nothing can be compared to that. That’s why we think a good baby announcement card should be well-worth remaining imprinted on your memory too. And hopefully our ‘Just Hatched’ new baby photo card is exactly like this.

It’s a face in hole template with a baby hatching from egg, designed in the best traditions of Anne Geddes. So not only you will get a custom birth announcement card (as well as first birthday greeting or invitation card) with your precious little angel in it, but will also be able to recreate that recognizable style of the famous photographer. Doesn’t it sound tempting?

However we have to admit that this photo effect has a fun side too. For example you can use it for yourself: just choose a portrait photo to be turned into a hatching baby and create a special b-day user pic. Or (and that’s our favourite part) you can come up with a funny birthday card for your close friends. Can you predict their reaction to this photo joke? Hopefully they’ll be laughing out loud.

It won’t come as surprize that pictures of hatching eggs are also popular on Easter. And though typically they depict baby chicks, who said you can’t have your own interpretation? ;)

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