Make your Happy Father’s Day e-card special and unique

Let your dad and grandpa enjoy their special holiday - Father’s Day! Use our collection of online Father’s Day cards to make unique photo cards ‘starring’ your dad or grandpa. Just upload their best photos to the frames and add your words of love!

Father’s Day photo frames and card templates: personalize your dad’s gift in a second

Almost every man is someone’s father and thanks God we have a wonderful annual holiday when we can make and send greeting cards to our dads and grandpas to say thanks for all their love, care and support in day-to-day life. Father's Day is celebrating fatherhood and paternal bonds, so remember to return your dads and grandfathers their love and appreciation by sending them a ‘Happy Father’s Day’ card. And a good e-card is something you can trust us with.

So daddies’ girls and boys, let’s look what we have here. Of course it’s a collection of frames that will turn your father’s photo (or the one with the two of you) into a virtual card. Actually it’s like using a simple Father’s Day card maker online - select a template that matches your dad’s interests or hobbies, spend a moment to upload best photo, wait a bit while our service is working its magic (meanwhile you may start composing your wishes)... processing... and a printable card starring your dad is ready! Now add your own greetings to complete the personalization of Father’s Day ecard.

Of course all fathers are very different. Is your dad a sports fan? Try some of our sport-themed Father’s Day frames, like Football Championship. Does your dad enjoy an active lifestyle? Probably he will love these travel-themed frames with a touch of romance: Vintage Travel Frame or Nautical Frame. Are you a loving daughter, a ‘daddy’s little princess’? Then use this Noble Knight Father’s Day card template to represent him as your real hero and defender. Is your dad OK with photo pranks? Then reward him with a fresh issue of fake Men’s Health magazine with his face on the cover. Well, it’s time to choose a fun ecard for your father - go on!