White Bentley

White Bentley

Although you have to be fabulously rich to afford such a luxury car, White Bentley photo effect is completely free! "Airbrush" the supercar's hood with a portrait of your choice to create a cool avatar or birthday card.

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How you can use this effect

  • Free birthday ecard with White Bentley is easily made on!
  • White Bentley photo collage for free greeting cards and avatars.
  • White Bentley photo montage for sharing emotions with your friends.

White Bentley photo effect is a free birthday ecard template that allows you to create car photo collages online by uploading a pic (for example your friend's portrait) and getting it virtually painted on the hood of white Bentley Continental GT supercar, along with a short custom text to be displayed on the car's windscreen sticker. Although birthday cards with cars are quite popular as virtual gifts for car lovers, White Bentley car photo montage template can be used to produce your realistic and funny avatar for social networks.

In fact this photo effect imitates custom airbrush reproduction of your pic on Bentley car's hood, making a luxury sport car look even more impressive. In some cases you may use this free Bentley ecard template as a tool for online custom car painting.

This photo effect might be helpful when you are going to make a portrait airbrush reproduction on your own car in reality, so you first need a virtual custom сar painting service for a test.

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