Photo frames and montages for sporty persons and sports fans

Seeking ideas for a personalized gift for a sports fan? Use his or her pics to make sports ecard, funny face in hole montage or flag face painting with a country flag! We have plenty of sport-themed frames: football, skiing, box, hockey, etc.

Sports photo frames and e-cards: put your face on a footballer, boxer or gymnast body

Are you an active person who love sports or an ardent sports fan watching all games with a favorite team? One way or another, this set of online picture frames and face in hole effects is for you. Using these sports photo effects you can easily make sport-themed profile picture or cover photo.

If you fond of football, box, gymnastics, skiing, car racing or motor racing, you can instantly become an athlete playing one of these kinds of sports, even if you don’t have an athlete's body. Just choose specific template and upload your face photo. This is also a great way to make a photo joke with your friend’s portrait photo ;) Turn your friend into a professional boxer, a football player, a hockey goalkeeper, a gymnast or a skier in a couple of clicks.

Football spectators all over the world paint their faces with their country flags during international championships. Support your national team too: browse the list of our football face paint effects, choose your country and virtually paint its flag on your cheeks in a portrait photo.

Besides, we have a number of sports themed ecards putting your images in the limelight! For example this personalized ecard for football fans puts your photo on a giant banner lying on a crowd of raving fans! (it could be used as a sports greeting card to congratulate your friend on his new sport achievement). Make a birthday card for teenage boy with ‘Football Frame’ depicting green grass and soccer ball. Or create original sports certificates for kids with ‘Sporty Kids’ photo frame.

If you are a fan of auto racing or motorcycle racing, you can airbrush your photo on a sportive car (we have red Ferrari, orange Lamborghini and black Mustang), become a motorcyclist or put your photo into ’Grunge Motorcycle’ frame.

‘Citius, Altius, Fortius’ as Olympic motto says. We at want to add: Easier, Funnier, Online!