Flag of USA

Flag of USA

Paint your face with stars and stripes of USA flag like millions of american fans do! Apply this effect to your photo to express your patriotic feelings on the 4th of July or to support USA team on World Cup or Olympic games.

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How you can use this effect

  • American flag virtual face paint used for a patriotic event.
  • 4th of July face paint applied to photo to make a patriotic profile picture.
  • Sports face paint with the stars and stripes of American flag.

Would you like to express and share your feelings on the 4th of July or some sport event, like a match of your favourite American football, baseball or soccer team? Then make the virtual patriotic face paint with stars and stripes of American flag and post it to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social networks.

If you wonder how to paint American flag on your face in no time, then just believe: virtual USA flag face painting has never been so easy. Upload your good portrait photo and immediately see your cheeks getting painted with ‘Old Glory’ colors without Photoshop or any other complicated tool! You can see a few American flag face paint examples above, including a raving sport fan face paint (it may work in case you missed making a real face paint while you were at stadium).

‘Flag of USA’ photo template on is a perfect way for US sports fans to spice up their profile images or avatars in tribute to nation-wide sport tournaments like NBA, NHL, MLB or US soccer league. Another natural way of use is modifying your photos with American flag face paint for 4th of July celebration to share national spirit and cheer with your friends.

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