Paint your face with the colors of your flag

Are you a true patriot or a loyal sports fan? Then get ready to support your country on a major sport event or just express your patriotic feelings by painting your country's flag on your face.

Love your country? Paint your face with flag!

There are many ways to show how much you love your country and how proud you are to be a part of it. For example, you can keep talking about your patriotic feelings out loud whenever and wherever possible. But the chances are you will lose your voice or (which alarms us more) get people around a bit worried about you. Since, well, you know, you will sound really strange. That’s why we have a better option to offer - flag face painting online.

It will take two steps. First you use your portrait and one of these free photo effects to paint your face with the colors of your country’s flag. Then you share the result with your friends on social networks and wait for praises. You can even print your portrait with patriotic face paint on out and hang on a wall. Anything is possible.

And now about sport fans. Cause they can also put these ‘flag face paint’ templates to good use. Either for major events in the world of sport or to support their country team on a local championship. It’s the best way to give your selfie a patriotic look!

By the way, for sporty persons and sport fans we have a special Sport selection of frames and effects. Why not go and check it now?