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Leave no doubt — the Canadian hockey fans are toughest ever! If you root for Canadian teams be sure to set a patriotic userpic at the start of the sports season. Paint the Maple Leaf flag on your cheeks with this free photo effect!

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Our flag photo editor can instantly add a virtual face paint to your portraits. If you are a true patriot of Canada or a dedicated fan of Canadian sport team, prove your sincere devotion — adorn your face with Canadian flag without real paints and brushes. Just use our flag photo editor!

Choose the best portrait of yours and insert it into this ‘Flag of Canada’ photo montage template. A couple of clicks and you have a funny userpic with the Canadian flag ‘painted’ on your cheeks — easy indeed. By the way, has a rich collection of sports photo effects. Be sure to check them as well!

if you are a hockey fan then you might be interested in flag face montages of other hockey monsters: USA, Russia and Czech Republic. Moreover, with this face photo montage you can become a professional goalkeeper in seconds!

Even if you are not a sports fan you can agree that flag of Canada looks elegant. It’s very rich in contrast thanks to white and red, and the maple leaf compliments it beautifully. That’s why the flag of Canada facepaint can be worn by any person who loves this country.

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