Going green for St. Patrick’s Day has never been easier

Please Saint Patrick with Irish photo ecards on his day to live in clover for the rest of the year!

Looking for green photo frames for St. Patrick's Day?..

Don’t go too far to go green on St. Patrick’s Day. Create St. Patrick’s Day cards and cover photos from pictures with traditional shamrocks and clovers online and share them with your Irish friends.

By the way, did you know that shamrock is not any old piece of clover, it’s exactly three-leafed. And according to the legend Saint Patrick used it to teach the Trinity. So most variants of Irish ecards we offer include trefoils - a good example is shamrock photo frame. At the same time nobody actually minds getting an image for St. Patrick’s Day bearing four-leafed clover as it’s well-known for bringing luck and money. Especially if it’s about funny St. Patrick’s Day pictures you can make using ‘St. Patrick's Green Beer’ template.

Saint Patrick’s Day has obtained many simpler-shorter names through the years - St. Pat’s, St. Paddy’s and St Patty’s (though the right form here is Paddy again). And no matter what name you prefer you always know what you need to do - go green, wear shamrocks and look for green photo frames!