St Patrick's Day Hat

Leprechaun hat template for photos on St. Patrick’s Day

If you are too shy to wear the leprechaun suit in real life, this online St Patrick’s hat with the typical irish decoration - clover, can save the situation! Make funny irish ecards out of your photo for free!

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  • A boy in a St Patrick's hat with an irish decoration clover on it.
  • A girl's photo in irish top hat got turned into a St Patrick's Day card.
  • Send St Patrick's Day card to your friend with his or her photo

The popular holiday named Saint Patrick’s day can’t be imagined without the shamrock green color and different St Patrick’s Day stuff! And a leprechaun is one of the most recognisable characters of the holiday. That’s why, we created this funny face template with the most important part of the leprechaun suit - an irish top hat!

If you have no time to craft or buy a St Patrick’s Day outfit or any other irish decoration on this day, take it easy! Use this online effect and put a green St Patrick's hat on to make an amazing card in a click. Choose different face photos to be leprechaunized and create as many images for St Patrick’s Day as you wish in a moment! The online technology used in this leprechaun hat template automatically detects the face in the photo and puts well-sized hat exactly on the head.

Your irish photo ecards can have a more classic look owing to our shamrock frame or this photorealistic montage with a green beer. Try them all and find your perfect ecard!

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