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Turn photo into sketch on a magical iPad screen!

Do you believe in magic? Or in cutting edge technologies? We definitely do believe in the magic of art! Turn part of your photo into a beautiful color sketch with this artsy iPad photo montage.

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  • Drawing vs photography effect in iPad photo montage. Part of a photo turned into sketch.
  • A photo of a beautiful girl turned into a color sketch with a photo to sketch effect online.
  • A beautiful drawing vs photography photo montage made with a photo of a happy couple.

Are you an art lover or an Apple geek? Do you believe in magic or in cutting edge technologies? As for us, we believe in the magic of photo art. That’s why we created still another photo to art effect that we hope will impress many of you.

There are plenty of effects that convert photo to sketch, drawing or painting on Yet, this one is more than just a usual photo to sketch effect. It is a complicated photo montage that combines sketch and photograph in one image, turning the central part of your photo into a color drawing on the screen of a brand new iPad and leaving the other part unchanged.

If you like this drawing vs photography magic, feel free to experiment with other effects of this sort: Pen Drawing vs Photography, Pastel Drawing vs Photography and Pencil vs Camera.

If you prefer a more ‘classical’ approach, please check these photo to art effects that turn your entire photo into a drawing, painting or sketch.

We believe that life is art. Do you? :)

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