Ballpoint Pen Drawing vs Photography

Make a ballpoint pen drawing a part of your photo reality!

Artistic approach will never let you down. That’s why giving a go to this yet another effect from our art vs reality series is a must. You will instantly get a mix of a ballpoint pen drawing and photography in one terrific picture.

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How you can use this effect

  • Make a ballpoint pen drawing a part of your photo reality online
  • Touch up your photos with creative art vs reality effect!
  • How about an original interpretation of the pencil vs camera?

The more we work with art-vs-reality blends the more we fall for them. After releasing such effects as Photography in Drawing, Photography vs Watercolor or a well-known imitation of Ben Heine’s pencil vs camera we have come up with yet another mix, turning a part of your photo into a ballpoint pen drawing.

Sketching in pen is gaining popularity day after day and many gifted artists goes as far as creating hyperrealistic drawings like those by Juan Francisco Casas or Samuel Silva. But not everyone is that talented, so what we love about this effect the most is that it makes ballpoint pen art accessible for everyone. All you need is to upload a photo and wait until it becomes a captivating pen drawing, framed with the original picture. In order to make the scene even more realistic (and add the feel of a just-finished sketch) we place the drawing onto a spiral sketch-book in hand of an artist. Hope you like it!

By the way, in case you’d like to turn your photo into a simple pen sketch without additional surroundings, be sure to check this artistic effect. And have a nice pen sketching, everyone!

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