Photography vs Watercolor

Creative photo montage: photography and watercolor

Have you ever imagined how your photo would look like if turned into watercolor painting? Here you can turn your photo into a surreal picture with inner part drawn into watercolor technique and the remaining part left just as is.

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  • Photo of two girls turned into watercolor painting
  • Pretty legs of a young skateboarder girl converted into watercolor.
  • If nature was painted in watercolor...

Nowadays digital photo manipulation is so widespread, that one hardly can add a profile picture without prior retouching, not to speak of cover models’ photos in popular magazines ;) This photo effect, however incorporating digital manipulation, serves another purpose: it turns your photo into a creative piece of art. It’s as if your watercolor dreams have eventually come true.

The idea of the effect is pretty simple: the inner rectangular part of a photo is turned into watercolor painting, with typical watercolor blotches, washes and marks. This area is framed with a blue wooden picture frame held by someone’s hands. The rest of the source photo left ‘as is’. So when you look at the photo with ‘Photography vs Watercolor’ effect applied, you have a feeling that someone has converted your real photography into a surreal watercolor painting.

So if you want to plunge your photographs into the world of watercolor art, wait no more: just upload a photo and see the magic transformation with this otherworldly photo montage. Besides, we’ve got many more artistic photo effects, including various paintings and drawings, just follow the link.

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