Girl Flower Crown Watercolor

Try on a flower head wreath with this face photo montage

Why not take a cue from Kate Moss and her flower girls wearing unique flower crowns for an eclectic look? Flower crown wreaths are often worn in spring and summer. But with this watercolor photo effect you can wear a pretty flower coronet anytime you want.

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How you can use this effect

  • A fairy-looking flower girl with a nice flower crown
  • Watercolor painting of a pretty little girl with a flower crown wreath
  • Lady’s face is put on a watercolor body with a floral head crown

For hundreds of years around the spring equinox, young maidens have done garlands of freshly picked flowers on their heads, prancing in community-organized celebrations situated in open fields in order to ensure another year of fertility and prosperity.

In Ukrainian folkloric tradition, young unmarried women picked fresh flowers and made the traditional hair crown, the vinok, for themselves. Traditionally, the flower crowns symbolized that the girl was of marriageable age. Nowadays, the tradition of wearing floral head wreaths goes on at defile, wedding ceremonies and outdoor music festivals.

There is something so angelic about a girl with a cute flower headband with her hair down, especially if it is a watercolor portrait painted in soft pastel colors.

You can create your own woodland fairy-like image online with the help of this photo face in hole effect in a few clicks. Just upload your close-up from computer, by URL or from Facebook and get a romantic and very feminine image. If you have several pics for photo montage, have a look at our other photo effects with floral headbands and crowns like Flora or Hawaiian Girl Sketch.

By the way, your watercolor painting with a floral headpiece looks inimitably as your profile picture! Your friends will appreciate this unexpectedly tender look!

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