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Enjoy the Santa fun with us!

Have enough of all those boring Christmas pics on social networks? Stand out from the crowd. Turn your image into an artistic drawing of Santa with your face.

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How you can use this effect

  • Sketch drawing of a funny girl in glasses wearing Santa hat
  • Kid’s photo is converted into a Santa sketch for Winter holidays
  • Funny Christmas sketch of a girl wearing red Santa hat.

Christmas fun starts way before the actual holiday. People are choosing gifts, making greeting cards and posting festive stuff on social networks.

Christmas is coming once again and it’s a good time to make a holiday profile pic with an artistic touch. While everybody adds cartoon hats and beards to portraits, you can show off. Post a pencil drawing of Santa with your face instead!

This artistic face in hole effect will instantly turn your photo into a colorful drawing of Santa, sketched on a coffee-colored paper in red and graphite pencils.

Don’t like the pencil look of the image? Choose the realistic ‘Santa Face-in-Hole’ effect then! You can also browse through a number of Christmas frames and filters, collected on the ‘Christmas & New Year’ page.

And if you like the artistic approach to photo editing, be sure to check the ‘Art’ page.

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