Warm Colors Watercolor

Watercolor filter in soft warm vintage colors

Turn your photo to art with this amazing watercolor photo effect in soft warm colors. We are sure you gonna like this vintage watercolor filter in different shades of brown, orange, yellow and purple.

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How you can use this effect

  • A portrait of a beautiful girl in warm colors made with the help of a watercolor filter.
  • A cityscape photo turned into a watercolor painting in soft warm colors.
  • Watercolor photo effect applied to a photo of an indian girl.

Are you an art lover? If you are, you probably like experimenting with your photos turning them into imitations of paintings or drawings with different online tools.

Even if you have tried a lot, we are pretty sure you gonna like this online photo to art filter. It will easily convert your photo to watercolor in soft warm colors that will probably remind you of sepia toning. Yet, this painting effect is more colorful than a classic sepia watercolor, as it contains different shades of brown, orange, yellow and purple.

If you prefer a more classical approach, give a try to this watercolor effect that preserves all the colors in your photo. Want even more photo fun? Insert your photo into this amazing Watercolor Window frame or into a creative Photography vs Watercolor effect.

Finally, check our other effects that can turn your photo into a sketch, drawing or painting here.

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