Vintage Charcoal Sketch

Photo to vintage charcoal drawing

Here you can turn a photo into a beautiful charcoal sketch drawn on a piece of yellowish paper. Designed for all fans of vintage art this charcoal effect can instantly create a retro portrait or an aged landscape sketch online.

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How you can use this effect

  • Macro photo of a bug is turned into a nice charcoal drawing
  • This landscape photo is converted into a charcoal drawing
  • Vintage charcoal portrait of a girl with artistic frame

If you are a fan of charcoal sketches drawn on aged paper then you’ll surely like this artistic photo effect! By the help of this effect you can turn any photo into vintage charcoal drawing in a couple of clicks.

Now you don’t need to be an artist or a Photoshop guru to create beautiful gifts for your friends: all you need to do is to convert a photo into a retro charcoal sketch online, print it, place it into a picture frame and amaze everybody!

Of course, you can also use our online charcoal effect to turn photos into beautiful ecards or transform your face photos into retro sketches and use them as profile pics.

There are a lot of other interesting photo effects at, both vintage and artistic. Be sure to visit the ‘Vintage and Retro’ page to look through beautiful old-style photo frames and effects. And check out our amazing artistic effects: they really deserve your attention.

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