Falling Snow

Let it snow right in your photo!

Let your winter dreams come true! Add animated snow to your photo using this snow photo effect! Realistic falling snow animation will make charming animated Christmas card with any picture you’ll choose.

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How you can use this effect

  • Adding snowflakes to a couple photo makes it more snowy.
  • Winter picture of a boy and a girl playing under falling snowflakes.
  • Add a touch of winter to your family photo with falling snow animation.

Your camera can’t capture falling snowflakes while you’re trying to make a snowy photo outside? This template will help you to add falling snow to a photo online to revitalize your picture and make an accent on winter theme of your photo. Snow photo effect doesn’t require any technical skills from you and can be applied on a photo instantly.

Let animated snow fall in your picture! You can set it as a profile pic, or send as an animated Christmas card to your friends and relatives by email! Add snowflakes to photo by choosing and uploading the image, and get falling snow animation with a reasonable image file size.

To find a winter inspiration click on our group of winter templates. There you can find not only realistic snow effects but also a Christmas and New Year photo frames.

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