Frozen Window

Patterns on frozen window as an overlay or background

Make your winter themed photos using frozen photo frame! This winter photo effect allows you to add a frozen photo background. And a frozen texture makes your pictures look as if they were taken through a frosted window glass!

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How you can use this effect

  • Family photo framed with winter photo effect with frosty pattern.
  • Background in a girl's photo is replaced with a frozen photo background.
  • Decorate your winter themed family photos with the help of frozen photo frame.

Catch more winter moments for your photo album! Frozen photo frame will help you to emphasize a winter theme in your photos and add a charming frosty pattern which makes a picture look as if it was captured through a frosted glass of window.

This winter photo frame will add a frozen photo effect to your pic online, replacing an ordinary background in a photo with a frozen texture and winter ornaments. ‘Frosted window’ photo ecard template requires no photoshop skills from you and applies a frozen photo background instantly.

Make your pictures look more creative this season using our other winter photo effects! With frosty photo editing your pics will have a professional look absolutely for free. For example, try out frosted glass picture frame in order to get exclusive winter themed photos.

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