Rain Drops

Touch up your photo with rain drops effect

Do you like a beautiful effect that is made when you take photos through a window covered with rain drops? You can easily apply it to your photos in two modes: dramatic black-and-white and regular color.

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How you can use this effect

  • The weather effect added rain drops to photo.
  • Adding rain drops to a photo of a girl was easy.
  • Rain drops texture  is  added above the photo.

Want to add a waterdrop effect on your photo without complicated Photoshop lessons? This free photography effect will help you add waterdrops to any landscape or portrait photo online.

Add a romantic flavour to your portrait with raindrops photo effect and make a userpic that looks as if it was taken through raindrops on glass. The waterdrop photography texture lets you edit your photos in two modes: black&white and color.

Add rain on any photo just in two clicks and create a stylish selfie, romantic portrait or dramatic cityscape. Rain droplets from this weather design template look fine and natural. Be sure to check the rain photo effect as well!

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