Winter Scenery

A touch of Winter magic for your photo background

Add a snowflake background to your photo with the help of personalized winter photo frame! ‘Freeze’ your picture adding the winter photo effects, including the snowflake texture and bokeh effect online.

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How you can use this effect

  • Christmas photo effect transforms woman's photo into a winter ecard.
  • Child's winter photo is more snowy now with  online winter photo frame.
  • Skier's photo is enhanced with a personalized  snowflake background.

Meet the winter! It’s time to make amazing winter photos and replace ordinary background with a personalized snowflake background! Use this Christmas photo effect to make the hoar frosted photos from your pics instantly.

The main thing about this winter photo frame is that it is a harmonious combination of winter photo effects: a complementary snowflake texture and a bokeh effect making your picture look like it is hoarfrosted. All that you need for applying this texture to your photo is the Internet connection and some seconds of your time. Upload your photo from device, from Facebook or add a photo by URL on a template’s page and you’ll get your ‘frozen’ picture with bokeh effect added to it online!

Winter photo editing with ‘Winter scenery background’ effect or other winter photo templates is a fast and easy way to transform your photo without complicated professional editors.

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