Reindeer Antlers Headband

Reindeer Antlers Headband

Rudolph the Reindeer is the number two Christmas character, just next to Santa! While people aspire to add Santa hats to their pics, our reindeer antlers booth is your chance to appear less mainstream, yet remarkably Christmassy!

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How you can use this effect

  • Funny Christmas prank: A man with antlers carries his wife on his back.
  • A women used Rudolph antlers booth with her pic to make a playful card.
  • Virtual antlers headband is added to a girl's photo for Christmas.

How would Santa deliver all his presents on time without the help of his fast-flying reindeers? That’s why Rudolph the Reindeer and his ‘team’ deserve their special place in the Christmas legend. FYI, reindeer horns (like ones the famous Rudolph proudly owns) are called antlers. has prepared this astonishing Christmas reindeer antlers effect for you to let you add funny holiday horns to your face photo.

Take your chance to Christmasfy your social profile pic without any Photoshop skills or to prepare some holiday pranks for your friends in no time. Using this virtual antlers headband is a really simple way to style up your pictures in a reindeer manner (which also means in a super fast way!).

Besides this Christmas booth tool for adding Rudolph antlers headband to your portrait, we provide a fantastic collection of different Christmas hats. Just imagine how many Christmas photo pranks you can make with the help of all these reindeer, Santa or elf hats!

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