Add a fun hat to a portrait

Add our hats to photos of friends and family to make everyone and anyone laugh. From cool Christmas hats to zanny party hats, we’ve got funny headwear to tickle their fancy.

Hats photo editor with funny headwear for every occasion

Holiday hats have gone virtual, thanks to and its collection of online hats - try on any of the provided ‘fake headwear’ effects to change the mood and look of your pictures in tribute to different holidays.

Our Christmas hat photo editor lets you put Santa hat (coming in two colours) on photos or adorn your pics with such holiday clip art as an Elf hat, Santa-girl headwear and even a reindeer hat.

If you are making a b-day greeting card, be sure to check our party hat. You can also use it to make your birthday profile pic and get ready to receive cheerful wishes and congratulations. And of course, even a serious face photo might look laughable if you just add a crown to that pic.

Our virtual hats are free and easy to use. The system will automatically add a hat to your picture in a few moments after you upload a portrait.

Adding this kind of cool stuff to pictures (funny hats, crowns, horns, etc) is not only a good way to entertain yourself, but also a nice opportunity to adapt your favourite photos for different occasions: put a Russian Snow Maiden hat on your photo (or a St Patrick day hat or anything else) to update your social profile for an upcoming holiday or other event!