Birthday Hat

Birthday Hat

Make your face photo even more colorful and festive with our birthday photo editing tool. Add a birthday hat and confetti to a photo in a click! This funny birthday hat will be sized and put on a birthday person’s head.

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How you can use this effect

  • Add a cool birthday hat to a boy's photo with birthday photo editor.
  • Congratulate your friend using birthday party hat photo effect.
  • A birthday invitation idea: child's photo in a birthday hat template.

Looking forward to your own or your friend’s birthday? We have a brilliant idea how to make this day a little more special with birthday photo editing! Update your profile photo in social networks or make a funny birthday ecard for a person you care about with the help of our happy birthday photo editor. In order to add a birthday party hat to a portrait photo you just need to upload it to our site and our technology will automatically resize and put it exactly on a head. A colorful confetti on a background makes picture more bright and owing to this decoration, a funny birthday hat looks very natural.

This birthday hat template fits kids’ photos as well as adult portraits and takes just a few seconds to be applied. Using ‘Birthday Hat’ photo effect you can make a really festive picture even from a usual photo.

A little photo-hack: combining this template with other birthday effects you can turn your ordinary pic in a unique piece of art or a completely original ecard.

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