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Wearing a red Santa hat helps to make a cool Christmas e-card or a profile picture from your face photo. Upload a photo to add a Christmas party hat to it and celebrate the season giving a thrill of joy to your friends & family!

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How you can use this effect

  • Putting on a virtual red Santa hat is quite easy with this effect.
  • Red Santa hat is used to decorate a girl's photo on Christmas
  • Christmas photo editing drastically changes a photo into a great Xmas pic.

Santa yourself online with our Christmas hat template! Adding Christmas hat to a photo helps you make a real Christmas card out of your portrait, and it’s completely free. If you love the joy and excitement of the Christmas season then keep getting back to these special feelings all year long looking at face photo montages made with our Santa hat editor.

Get into the holiday spirit with our Christmas party hat. Wish others a Merry Christmas and put red Santa hat on their photos! Share joy with your friends and family: add a Santa hat on your parents’ photo and send it to them. Inspire your sweetheart by decorating his/her best pic with this amazing red Santa hat effect. Bring a smile on your friend's face with even more wonderful Christmas effects and festive frames.

It's time again to hang your stockings, keep milk & cookies and wait for Santa Claus to drop in gifts and bring Christmas cheer. By the way, it’s a great idea to establish your own tradition of adding red Santa hat to your selfie photo and sharing it with your friends.

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