King's Crown

Crown yourself with a funny “King‘s Crown” effect online

Add emotion, humor or feeling of victory to your favourite portrait putting a virtual crown atop your head. This photo effect reminds crown clip art sticker, but is much easier to use. This funny king’s crown would make a birthday boy/girl feel pretty special!

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  • A cutie birthday girl is wearing a Princess crown
  • Crown yourself with this virtual crown photo effect
  • Birthday crown is an excellent way to highlight my special day

A Crown has always been a symbol of power and authority of a monarchy, so wearing this little head decoration would delight a birthday boy or girl of any age.

Among a variety of birthday traditions, alongside with candles on top of the birthday cake, comes wearing a birthday crown. It starts in kindergarten, where small children are crowned Birthday Prince or Princess for the day; other children and staff alike must then accommodate the every whim of the birthday royalty.

Wonder how you would look like wearing a crown? Simply place a crown on your close-up. With our funny photo effect you can do it in a few steps. Just upload your image and get your photo with a virtual royal crown atop your head.

It’s a good idea to send your birthday greetings via personalized birthday ecards. Except using the crown photo editor, have a look at some other Bday card templates, such as Birthday Hat, Birthday Owls or Birthday Cake.

You can also set your photo with a king’s crown “sticker” as your Facebook profile picture on your birthday, you’ll get lots of congratulations))

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