Blue Alien Transformation

Discover the blue alien inside!

Had enough of poor human-to-alien effects? Choose a pro-level photo manipulation. Apply this alien photo transformation to make a sci-fi picture with your face.

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  • Blue alien with your face: Realistic  photo manipulation.
  • ‘Alien Me’ photo effect. Transform yourself into an alien visitor.
  • Realistic alien transformation online. No Photoshop needed.

Human outside, alien inside - this phrase has literal meaning in a lot of sci-fi movies. Extraterrestrial visitors, disguising themselves as human beings is a popular storyline enjoyed by many. Having seen and read so many fantastic stories, we decided to create a face in hole effect themed on the popular sci-fi cliche.

Here you can make an ‘Alien Among Us’ photo manipulation with your own face. What distinguishes our effect from thousands of other ‘Alien Me’ transformations is the high-quality realism and intriguing storyline.

The effect works very fast. No more you need Photoshop or other complicated photo editors to make a stunning poster or a cool portrait for your social page. Just upload a portrait to make an intriguing image, in which the human mask of an alien impostor is pulled down to reveal a blue extraterrestrial face.

If this realistic manipulation is ‘a little too much’ for you, the traditional ‘Big Eyed Alien’ face photo effect is always at your disposal. In fact, has a great collection of different bogey effects, including the ‘Demon’, ‘Vampire’ and ‘Zombie’ effects.

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