Burning Fire Background Effect

Apply a fire flames effect to your photo

This flame photo effect makes your image look unbelievably hot with the background of realistic fire flames. The burning background can emphasize the inner fire in a picture and turn your ordinary portrait into a vigorous one.

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How you can use this effect

  • Emphasize inner passion of your romantic photo adding it a touch of fire
  • Fire overlay is applied to the funny image of happy newlyweds
  • Flaming background makes a passionate girl look even hotter

Fire has been an important part of all cultures and religions since the pre-history times. Nowadays it remains a part of our daily life as well as a constituent of many human religions and cultures.

Fire has always been a source of inspiration. Thus, using pictures of flames and fire in photo editing isn’t anything new. Making a burning fire effect in Photoshop is a bit tough, but with this photo background changer you need no special skills to render realistic flames and create a dramatic artwork in a few simple and easy steps. A quick way to do it is to upload your image from your device, by URL or from Facebook and replace your photo background with hot fire flames.

If you like adding a touch of fire to your images, have a look at our other flaming photo effects like Fire Flower Frame or Burning Frame which can also be in favour of creating a unique vision of your pics.

Emphasize the inner vigor of your favourite pictures and show these photos with firing background to your friends.

By the way, a burning photo looks really awesome as your profile picture!

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