Zombie at the Window

Zombie at the Window

This evil photo effect can turn you into a scary undead haunting an old abandoned house. On Halloween upload a photo portrait and watch as a bloody zombie or a carnivorous evil spirit awakes inside of your photo.

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  • Evil photo effect with a bloody zombie
  • Turn yourself into a zombie with a scary face
  • Evil photo editor to turn yourself into a zombie

Dark mystics and demon stories frighten and intrigue. Use this evil photo editor to zombify your photo and turn it into a piece of dark art, making you a scary character from a creepy horror stories. Become an undead spirit with evil eyes or a recently awaken bloody zombie with a scary face! This creepy creature is locked in a haunted house and waits for its victims to come.

Be sure to check the full list of Halloween photo effects. There you’ll find funny holiday frames with pumpkins and creepy face photo montages which will turn you into a vampire or put a virtual skeleton mask on your face. Enjoy!

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